Pronto Connect Ecommerce

Pronto Connect Ecommerce helps you to integrate applications and platforms with Pronto Xi using industry standard web services architecture. Pronto Connect utilises the latest web services standards, enabling you to protect your investment in existing cloud-based or on-premises software. It does so by providing the interface between a third party and your back office Pronto Xi platform.

In addition to providing your developers with the ability to manage your online stores, while integrating with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Pronto Connect’s features include:

  • Real-time information exchange: processes can be completed using up-to-date information as opposed to yesterday’s data.
  • Secure data exchange: this only occurs via mandatory user authentication, meaning only those who are entitled to access and view the data can do so.
  • No flat file transfer mechanism maintenance: this saves time and money.
  • Fewer upload or synchronisation errors: thanks to a reliable messaging system, errors are lessened and requested data is delivered as expected.

How Pronto Connect helps you to maximise your business’ growth:

  • It assists you in meeting your customer’s expectations: with Pronto Connect, you give your customers the information they need as quickly as possible.
  • Pronto Connect keeps stock status up-to-date: this ensures online orders can be fulfilled and dispatched promptly and without delay. It also results in happier and more satisfied customers in the longer term.
  • It helps you to increase efficiency: switching between applications is a thing of the past, as is re-entering data multiple times, sharing data with colleagues manually and spending more time asking questions and searching for key details.
  • You’ll see a decrease in errors: automated sales order entries reduce typing/human errors
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